Utility Leadership Excellence Award

Description:  The purpose of this award is to recognize an individual PWEA member (or employee of a corporate member) who is not a consultant, who has demonstrated leadership that had a positive impact on the operation of a utility. 
Award Criteria:  The awardee can be anyone employed at a utility that performed impressively in leading a team to solve a problem or create an opportunity.  Criteria to be considered for the award include the following:

  • Impact on service, function or efficiency

  • Decisive action to effectively solve problems or improve services

  • Collaboration with other team members

  • Demonstration of integrity and high personal standards

Eligibility:  The contribution being recognized must have occurred within the past two years.  The award winner must be employed by a wastewater or storm water management utility, but does not need to hold a management position.
Nomination Process:  The Utility Management Committee is responsible for submitting a nomination for the Utility Leadership Excellence Award; the Awards Committee is responsible for making final selection of award recipient.  Specific information is to be provided to support the nomination, such as description of accomplishment(s) and impact on the utility, authority or community, how the team was motivated toward achievement of the goal, and why the nominee deserves to receive the award.

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