Beneficial Use of Biosolids Award


The Biosolids Award was established by the PWEA Biosolids Committee to acknowledge extraordinary facilities in the area of biosolids management and compliance with PA DEP regulations.

Award Criteria

There will be 2 categories for the Beneficial Use of Biosolids Awards each year: < 5.0 MGD & > 5.0MGD influent. Nominee must have demonstrated exemplary management practices related to biosolids treatment and recycling.


The individual recipient must be a PA DEP permitted facility (PAG-07 or PAG-08) and a PWEA member in good standing.

Nomination Process

The Biosolids Committee submits a nomination for the Biosolids Awards (< 5.0 MGD& > 5.0 MGD) to the Awards Committee; the Awards Committee is responsible for making final selection of award recipient.